Medical Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Short Description:

  • Sprague rappaport stethoscope
  • Dual tube
  • Double sided head
  • Long PVC tube
  • Zinc alloy head,PVC tube,Stainless steel ear hook
  • Multi-fuction
  • Widely used in routine auscultation

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The stethoscope is mainly composed of a pickup part (chest piece), a conductive part (PVC tube), and a listening part (ear piece) .it is mainly used to detect sounds that can be heard on the surface of the body, such as dry and wet rales in the lungs. It is an important step in determining whether the lungs are inflamed or have spasms or asthma. The sound of the heart is to judge whether the heart has a murmur, and arrhythmia, tachycardia and so on, through the heart sound can judge the general situation of a lot of heart diseases.It is widely used in Clinical departments of every hospital.

Its function is to transmit theosophic, and amplify and transmit the internal sounds of the body such as the patient's heartbeat to the doctor's ear. The stethoscope can not only listen to the heart rate, but also whether the heart rate is tidy, whether there are abnormal heart sounds and murmurs in the auscultation area of the membrane, and whether the lungs are breathing, and whether there are dry and wet rales. Finally, you can listen to the neck, abdomen, and femoral arteries for abnormal vascular murmurs, and you need to measure blood pressure.
This sprague rappaport stethoscope HM-200,the head is made of zinc alloy, the tube is made of PVC,and the ear hook is made of stainless steel.this model is double sided auscultation.


1. Description: Sprague rappaport stethoscope
2. Model NO.: HM-200
3. Type: Dual head(double sided)
4. Material: Head material is zinc alloy;tube is PVC; Ear hook is stainless steel
5. The Diameter of the head:46mm
6. The length of the product:82cm
7. Weight: 360g approx.
8. Main Characteristic :Double tube, multi-function
9. Application:Available for routine auscultation, suitable for measuring blood pressure

How to operate

1.Connect the head,PVC tube and ear hook,make sure no leakage from the tube.
2.Check the direction of the ear hook, pull the ear hook of the stethoscope outward,when the ear hook forward tilt, then put the ear hook into the external ear canal.
3.The diaphragm can be heard by gently tapping by hand to confirm that the stethoscope is ready to use.
4.Put the head of the stethoscope on the skin surface(or the site where want to listen) of the listening area and press firmly to ensure that the stethoscope head is tightly attached to the skin.
5.Listen carefully,and normally it needs one to five minutes for a site.
For the detailed operation procedure,please read the related user manual carefully and follow it.

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