Portable Waterproof LCD Digital Thermometer

Short Description:

  • Portable waterproof LCD digital thermometer
  • C/F switchable.
  • LCD display
  • Last memory function
  • Fever alarm
  • Automatic auto shou off 
  • Quick and aucurate
  • No mercury
  • Durable and reliable quality
  • Storage case are available
  • Blister packing for retail

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Product Introduction

Digital thermometer is widely used and must-have for every family looking to your body temperature. Our digital thermometer is an innovative, easy-to-use device that will save you time and provides precision measurements with no guesswork! Until now, we have designed & developed and manufactured more than twenty models, including the hard tip, flexible tip, cartoon type,also the baby pacifier thermometer.

Digital thermometers are portable, easy to use, and inexpensive. They can be carried in your travelling bag for body temperature measurement. The display is clear and No-mercury is safe,the device requires no special maintenance or care making it is a valuable item of any size home health kit!

Portable waterproof LCD digital thermometer LS-301 is the hard head type,it offers fast, safe and reliable temperature readings. It was packed in a blister packing,very easy to display in supermarkets or drugstores.


1.Description: Portable waterproof LCD digital thermometer

2.Model NO.: LS-301

3.Type: Rigid tip

4.Measurement range: 32℃-42.9℃ (90.0℉-109.9℉)

5.Accuracy: ±0.1℃ 35.5℃-42.0℃ (±0.2 ℉ 95.9℉-107.6℉);±0.2℃ under 35.5℃ or above 42.0℃(±0.4℉ under 95.9℉)

6.Display: Liquid crystal display, C and F switchable

7.Memory: Last measuring reading

8.Battery: One 1.5V cell button size battery(LR41)

9.Alarm: Approx. 10 seconds sound signal when peak temperature reached

10.Storage condition: Temperature -25℃--55℃(-13℉--131℉);humidity 25%RH—80%RH

11.Use Environment: Temperature 10℃-35℃(50℉--95℉),humidity: 25%RH—80%RH

How to operate

1.Press the ON/OFF button of the portable waterproof LCD digital thermometer.
2.Apply the thermometer tip to the measurement site,oral or underarm.
3.When the reading is ready, the thermometer will emit a ‘BEEP-BEEP-BEEP’ sound, Remove the digital thermometer from the measurement site and read the result.
4.Turn off the digital thermometer and store it in the storage case at a safe place.
For the detailed operation procedure,please read the attached user manual & other document carefully and follow it.

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