A Brief Introduction Of Stethoscope

The stethoscope is the most commonly used diagnostic tool for internal, external, gynecologists and pediatrics, and it is the symbol of doctors. French doctor Laennec was the first one who invented the stethoscope in 1816, and began clinical diagnosis on March 8, 1817.Modern medical began with the invention of the stethoscope.So let’s learn more about the stethoscope today.


Stethoscope belongs to diagnostic aids device which is for listening to changes in the sound of human heart, lung and other organ activities.(Electronic stethoscope is a stethoscope that realizes its function with electronic devices.)

2.Product description

Stethoscope usually consists of three parts,an auscultation head(chestpiece) part, a sound guide tube(PVC tube) part, and an earhook(including the eartips) part.It Performs non-linear amplification of collected sounds.

stethoscope struture

Electronic stethoscope usually consists of a pickup, a signal processing module and earphones. Performs non-linear amplification of collected sounds.

3.Intended use

Used to collect and amplify the sounds from the heart, lungs, arteries, veins and other internal organs of body.

4.Type of stethoscope

1)Acoustic stethoscope

The acoustic stethoscope is the earliest stethoscope and is also a medical diagnostic tool familiar to most people. This stethoscope is a symbol of the doctor, who wears it around his neck every day. Acoustic stethoscopes are the most widely used.

2)Electronic stethoscope

The electronic stethoscope uses electronic technology to amplify the sound of the body, overcoming the high noise bug of the acoustic stethoscope. Electronic stethoscopes need to convert the electrical signal of sound into sound waves, which are then amplified and processed for optimal listening. Compared to an acoustic stethoscope, they are both based on the same physical principles.

Electronic stethoscopes are also available with computer-aided auscultation programs for the analysis of recorded cardiac sounds for pathological or innocent heart murmurs.

3)Recording stethoscope

Some electronic stethoscopes have a direct audio output that can be used to interface with an external recording device, such as a laptop computer or MP3 recorder. Save these sounds, listen to the previously recorded sound through the stethoscope earphone, the doctor can do more in-depth study, even remote diagnosis.

4)Fetal stethoscope

In fact, the fetal stethoscope or fetoscope is also a kind of acoustic stethoscope, but it is beyond the ordinary acoustic stethoscope. The fetal stethoscope can hear the sound of the fetus in the pregnant woman’s stomach. It is very beneficial for pregnancy care.

5)Doppler stethoscope

A Doppler stethoscope is an electronic device that measures the Doppler of reflected waves from ultrasound within body organs. Movement is detected as a change in frequency, due to the Doppler effect, of reflected waves. Therefore, the Doppler stethoscope is especially suitable for handling moving objects, such as a beating heart.

4.Example of Stethoscope name

Single-use stethoscope, dual-use stethoscope, medical stethoscope, fetal stethoscope, electronic stethoscope.


Post time: Jul-24-2023