Single Head Aluminum Alloy Stethoscope

Short Description:

  • Single Head Stethoscope

  • Aluminum Alloy bell
  • Stainless steel earplug
  • PVC tube
  • Many colors for option
  • Low cost,widely used
  • Routine auscultation

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The stethoscope is mainly used to detect sounds that can be heard on the surface of the body, such as dry and wet rates in the lungs. It is an important step in determining whether the lungs are inflamed or have spasms or asthma. The sound of the heart is to judge whether the heart has a murmur, and arrhythmia, tachycardia and so on, through the heart sound can judge the general situation of a lot of heart diseases.It is widely used in Clinical departments of every hospital.

Single head aluminium alloy stethoscope HM-110,the head is made of aluminium alloy, the tube is made of PVC,and the ear hook is made of stainless steel.this model is light weight and can be used for routine auscultation.


1.Description: Single head aluminium alloy stethoscope
2.Model NO.: HM-110
3.Type: single head
4.Material: Head material is aluminium alloy;tube is PVC; Ear hook is stainless steel
5.The Diameter of the head:46mm
6.The length of the product:76cm
7.Weight: 75g approx.
8.Main Characteristic :Light and convenient,easy to carry
9.Application:Available for routine auscultation, suitable for measuring blood pressure

How to operate

1.Connect the head,PVC tube and ear hook,make sure no leakage from the tube.
2.Check the direction of the ear hook, pull the ear hook of the stethoscope outward,when the ear hook forward tilt, then put the ear hook into the external ear canal.
3. To ensure the stethoscope is in proper working order, give the diaphragm a gentle tap and listen for a response.
4. When placing the stethoscope on the skin surface where you wish to listen, be sure to press firmly to ensure a secure connection between the stethoscope head and skin.
5. It is important to listen carefully for a period of one to five minutes to accurately assess the site being examined.

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