Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Short Description:

  • Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer
  • Body and object two models
  • Three colors backlight to indicate your temperature
  • ℃/℉ switchable
  • Fast and accurate
  • Widely used for hospital,home,train station,bus station,airport and office etc

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Product Discription

Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer is one of the most popular medical products for each family and hospital.also widely used in some public places such as airport,train station,bus station,inn & hotel,government office etc.and can be used for baby care,no noise measurement.

Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer TF-600 offers fast, safe and accurate measurement result. Easy to carry & use,can be widely used for babies,infants,kids and is wide range measurement not only for body temperature but also for temperature of room,object,milk,food,bath water etc.Three colors backlight indicate the measurement temperature is safe(green) or slight fever(yellow) or high fever(red). The last 50 groups measured reading is automatically stored in memory, allowing users to easily track their temperature levels. 5-15cm measuring distance makes safe and clean. The automatic shut-off function helps prolong battery life.


1.Description: Non-contact infrared thermometer
2.Model NO.: TF-600
3.Type: Non-contact forehead style
4.Measurement mode:body and object
5.Measurement distance:5-15cm
6.Measurement range: body mode 34℃-42.9℃ (93.2℉-109.2℉); object mode 0℃-100℃(32℉-212℉);
7.Accuracy: 0℃-33.9℃ (32℉-93℉) ±2℃(±3.6℉);34℃-34.9℃ (93.2℉-94.8℉) ±0.3℃(±0.5℉);35℃-42℃ (95℉-107.6℉) ±0.2℃(±0.4℉);42.1℃-42.9℃ (107.8℉-109.2℉) ±0.3℃(±0.5℉);43℃-100℃ (109.4℉-212℉) ±2℃(±3.6℉);
8. Resolution:0.1℃/0.1℉
9.Display: LCD display, ℃/℉ switchable
10.Memory capacity: 50 groups
11.Back-light:3 Colors, Green -Yellow -Red
12.Battery: 2pcs*AAA alkaline battery
13.Storage condition: Temperature -20℃--55℃(-4℉--131℉);Relative humidity ≤85%RH
14.Use Environment: Temperature 5℃-40℃(41℉--104℉),Relative humidity ≤85%RH

How to use

1.Turn on the thermometer, and make sure the mode ( body or object) is what you want to take.
2.Hold the button to measure the site temperature.then the result will show on the screen.
3.Turn off the thermometer and store it in the storage case at related required place..
For the detailed operation procedure,please read the related user manual carefully and follow it.

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