Bluetooth Digital Stethoscope

Short Description:

Bluetooth digital stethoscope;

Wireless electronic model;

A new designed bluetooth android and IOS mobile phone style;

Bluetooth wireless data transmission;

2pcs AAA  batteries powered; 

Automatic shut-off function;

The volume can be + and -.

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The bluetooth digital  stethoscope is mainly used to detect sounds that can be heard on the surface of the body, such as dry and wet rates in the lungs. It is suitable for picking up heart sound, breath sound, bowel sound and other sound signals. It can be used in clinical medicine, teaching, scientific research and Internet medicine.

This bluetooth digital  stethoscope HM-9260 is a new designed bluetooth android mobile phone style.  Automatic shut-off function can help prolong battery life.



1.Description: bluetooth digital stethoscope
2.Model NO.: HM-9260
3.Type: single head
4.Material: Head material is nickel plated zinc alloy;tube is PVC; Ear hook is stainless steel,the cord is TPE
5.Size:The Diameter of the head is 45mm;The diameter of the stainless steel ear hook is 6mm;The diameter of the PVC pipe is 11mm;The length of the product is 78cm;
6.Battery:2*AAA battery
7.Weight: 155g (without battery).
8.Main Characteristic :soft and durable TPE code;automatically power-off if 5 minutes±10 seconds without any operation.bluetooth model for record
9.Application:auscultation of changes in the sound of the human heart,lungs and other organs

How to use

1.Connect the head,PVC tube and ear hook,make sure no leakage from the tube.
2.Check the direction of the ear hook, pull the ear hook of the stethoscope outward,when the ear hook forward tilt, then put the ear hook into the external ear canal.
3.The diaphragm can be heard by gently tapping by hand to confirm that the stethoscope is ready to use.
4.Put the head of the stethoscope on the skin surface(or the site where want to listen) of the listening area and press firmly to ensure that the stethoscope head is tightly attached to the skin.
5.Listen carefully,and normally it needs one to five minutes for a site.
For the detailed operation procedure,please read the related user manual carefully and follow it.

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