Mercury-free glass thermometer

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  • Mercury-free gallium glass thermometer
  • C or C/F dual scale
  • Safe and accurate
  • Durable and reliable quality
  • Storage case are available

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Product Introduction

Mercury-free Glass Thermometers offer fast, safe and reliable temperature readings. This thermometer is much more safe compared with traditional mercury thermometer. mercury-free clinical thermometers are one of liquid-in-glass thermometers,with a maximum device,intended for measurement of the internal human body temperature. The metallic liquid filing used in the thermometer. an alloy of gallium ,indium,and Sn. 

Gallium indium Sn thermometer is an electronic measuring device, fast, accurate, sensitive,it is much more safe compared with mercury thermometer.

We strictly implement Standard EN 12470-1-2000.we have ISO 13485 certificate and quality management system to ensure the product quality.

Glass thermometer,we have medium and large size for option ,which offers fast, safe and reliable temperature readings. We can supply OEM package and very easy to display in supermarkets or drugstores.


1.Description: Mercury-free Glass Thermometer

2.Type: Large size and medium size are available

3.Measurement range: 35℃-43℃ (96℉-108℉)

4.Accuracy: +0.10℃ and -0.15℃

5.Display: C or C/F dual scale

6.Material: The mixture of gallium and Indium instead of mercury

7.Storage condition: Temperature -5℃-42℃

How to operate

1.Before measure,check the liquid column of the glass thermometer is below 36℃.
2.Clean the glass thermometer by 75% alcohol before and after use.
3.Put the testing port of the glass thermometer in the right part of the body(oral,axillary or rectal).
4.It needs 6 minutes for an accurate temperature measure,and then rotates the glass thermometer slowly back and forth to make the accurate reading.Within the measuring range,the measuring liquid column in the capillary tube shows the anthropometric temperature.
5.When the measure is completed,the measuring liquid must be returned to the bottom of the order to meet this requirement,it needs to take the upper ed of the thermometer as much as possible and throw the liquid column at least 5-12 times so as to reach below 36℃.
Oral use:Measurement time 6 minutes,normal temperature approx. 37℃. Doctors prefer oral measurement,It provides fast and accurate results.Place the thermometer probe to the left or right side under the tongue.
Rectal use:Measurement time 6 minutes,normal temperature approx. 37.6℃. Rectum measurement is preferred in the case of children.Insert the thermometer probe into the anus(approx. 2cm). You may use a little skin cream ir baby oil on the head of the probe.If this has already been used for rectal measurement,please mark this thermometer and separate storage.Shall not use for oral use.
Axillary use:Measurement time 6 minutes,normal temperature approx. 36.7℃.  The axillary measurement method provides less accurate measurement than oral  and rectal measurement.Wipe armpit with a dry towel,place probe in the armpit and keep the arm pressed firmly against their side.

For the detailed operation procedure,please read the attached user manual & other document carefully and follow it.

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