Handheld Medical Fetal Doppler Monitor

Short Description:

  • Handheld fetal doppler monitor;
  • To listen angel’s heartbeat;
  • Digital LCD screen display;
  • Portable handheld style;
  • Independent probe;
  • Safe and sensitive

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Product Introduction

This handheld Fetal Doppler is used for detect the Fetal Heart Rate ( FHR ) to hear the sound of 16 weeks pregnancy.it can be used by nurses,midwives,and professionals in hospitals,clinics,communities,and homes to monitor the heart rate.

Now you can safely listen to your unborn baby’s heart sounds comfortably and privately at home.Enjoy the amazing experience of hearing your baby’s heartbeat and hiccups,even record them to share with your families and friends in the future.


Description: Baby Fetal doppler
Model NO.: JSL-T501
1.Fetal heart rate measurement range 65bpm-210bpm
2.Ultrasonic working frequency: 3.0MHz (2.5MHz and 2.0MHz are optional)
3.Fetal heart rate detection resolution:1bpm
4.The error of fetal heart rate measurement: not more than ±2bpm
5.Ultrasonic output power: <20mW
6.Space peak time peak sound pressure: <0.1MPa
7.Display:39mmx31mm LCD display
9.Weight: about 161g (excluding battery)
10.Power supply: D.C.3V (2×AA) battery
11.Storage condition: Temperature -20℃--55℃;humidity ≤93%RH;Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa;
12.Use Environment: Temperature 5℃-40℃;humidity: 15%RH—85%RH;atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa.

How to operate

1.Check the device is no damaged and the attachment is intact.if not in good condition please do not use it.
2.Install the battery and close the battery storehouse.
3.Connect the probe with the host properly,put the gel on the surface of the probe head.then hold the probe in one hand to defect the heart rate.make sure the probe is direct with the mom’s skin.Remove the entire probe along the direction if the arrow.
This fetal doppler can be used above 16 weeks of pregnancy.this device must be in direct with the pregnant woman’s skin and used with gel to help defect fetal heart rate.the normal heart rate of an unborn baby is 110-160bpm,the fetal doppler is not a diagnostic device and you should consult with your doctor if necessary.For the detailed operation procedure,please read the user manual carefully and follow it.

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