OLED Display Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Short Description:

  • OLED display fingertip pulse oximeter
  • COLOR OLED display,
  • Four direction adjustable ;
  • SpO2 and pulse monitoring, and Waveform display;
  • Digital technology with high accuracy;
  • Low-power consumption, continuously work for 50 hours;
  • Small in size, light in weight, and convenient to carry;
  • Auto power-off ;Runs on standard AAA batteries.
  • EMC of this product comply with IEC60601-1-2 standard.

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Product Introduction

Operation principle of the instrument is Photoelectric Oxyhaemoglobin inspection technology is adopted in accordance with capacity pulse scanning and recording technology.so that two beams of different wavelength of lights(660nm glow and 940nm near infrared light) can be focused onto human nail clip through perspective clamp finger-type sensor.Then measured signal can be obtained by a photosensitive element.Information acquired through which will be shown on two groups of LEDs through process in electronic circuits and microprocessor.
Fingertip pulse oximeter is widely used to measure human haemoglobin saturation and heart rate through finger.This product applies to using in family,hospital(including clinics),oxygen club,social medical organizations,physical care in sports,it is also applicable to enthusiasts on mountaineering,patients those need first aid treatment,elders over 60,those work more than 12 hours,sport and those work in the hermetic circumstance,etc.we have green,purple,blue,gray,pink five different colors for option.


1.Display:OLED display
2.SPO2 and Pulse Rate.
Waveforms:SpO2 Waveform
Measurement range: 70%-99%
Accuracy: ±2% on the stage of 70%-99%, unspecified(<70%) for SPO2
Resolution: ±1%
Low perfusion: <0.4%
Measurement: range:30BPM-240BPM
Accuracy: ±1BPM or ±1%(the larger one)
5.Power source:2 pcs AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries
6.Power consumption: below 30mA
7.Automatic power-off: the product shuts down automatically after no signal for 8 seconds
8.Use Environment:Temperature 5℃-40℃,Relative humidity 15%-80%RH
9.Storage condition:Temperature -10ºC-40ºC,Relative humidity: 10%-80%RH,Air pressure: 70kPa-106kPa

How to operate

1.Install the batteries.
2.Plug one finger into rubber hole of the oximeter(the best to plug the finger thoroughly) before releasing the clamp with the nail upwards.
3.Press button on the front panel.
4.Read relevant datum from display screen.
For the detailed operation procedure,please read the related user manual carefully and follow it.

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